Our story

Box and hound is a small family run business that has been created to provide dog owners 100% natural dog treats that they can trust free from wheat, grain or preservatives helping to improve your dog’s health and immunity.

A little about us

We had a sick doggie with a bowel disease who couldn’t have sugar and needed to keep to a natural diet. We started to pay more attention to the ingredients of more typical dog treats and noticed many perversities they had. We found it very difficult to get good quality treats without having to pay high prices but we have managed to source produce from farms across the UK. After learning how beneficial a natural diet can be, a few friends asked us to get some for their dogs. We started to make up boxes full of treats and have now decided to start selling them commercially. The feedback and reviews seem to have gone down well so far, and we have been sent photos and video of our boxes being enjoyed.

We pride ourselves in offering only the very best sourced products which are all 100% natural even down to our eco-friendly recyclable packaging.


Thank you for choosing box and hound, the natural choice.

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I had started looking into a more healthy, natural alternative. For years I have been interested in Natural products for myself, and have been very interested in how nature can heal both our pets and humans.

We found that our dogs absolutely loved these Natural treats.  We had also started to notice the benefits for ourselves, in our dog’s teeth & coats. We decided to look into the variety of products  that were available and to share these benefits with our family & friends, to give their pets too.

We now continue our research into the benefits of feeding “Holistic Natural Treats”, in that, each treat provides its own individual benefits.

For example: 

Fish skin is an excellent source of protein for dogs, whilst being relatively low in saturated fats, it’s great for weight control, so adding them to your dogs diet can be of a big health benefit. Omega 3 & 6 oils have antioxidant properties, meaning they’re great for their joints & mobility, plus eyes, & coats etc.

But the main reason for feeding Natural treats, would be to avoid all of the chemicals & additives that can be found in other products. We only source our treats that are from the UK & EU, and conform to all Defra standards.

Our clients are now also seeing the benefits for themselves, in that their own dogs are also showing signs of the benefits of feeding our top quality treats, with some of their own dogs health issues also now resolved through feeding these treats. Its amazing!

Our treats are far superior than our competitors in being sourced from the UK & EU, they also conform to Defra standards, and we provide a truly outstanding personalised  service for our customers, which they love too. We provide treats to suit our customers too, in which “not all our treats resemble the animal in which the treat had originated from’ too.

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